If you have persistent bad breath, bad taste or dry mouth problems, we have good news for you - chronic halitosis is a treatable oral condition.

The Fresh Breath Clinic system is now one of the treatment components of the Oravital® System. Oravital® offers uniquely successful, non-invasive and patient-friendly treatments for persistent bad breath, bad taste, halitosis, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and most other oral infections.

At the Fresh Breath Clinic we have helped thousands of people start new lives after years or even a lifetime of chronic bad breath problems.

Oravital® Certified Clinics are now the providers of these effective bad breath treatment procedures.

Oravital® Certified Clinicians understand the difficulties and stress that result from living with bad breath problems. We welcome the opportunity to change your life.

Oravital® Testimonials

Read real testimonials from patients and professionals.

Read emails and letters from patients telling us how - often after trying everything else with no success - Oravital® treatment changed their lives by eliminating oral health problems that they've suffered with for years.

"Being a family physician, having fresh breath is important! I would recommend the Oravital program for anyone struggling with bad breath. It works !!!"
Dr. Doug Strilchuck MD Edmonton AB

We've asked Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants who are using the Oravital® System in their practices to tell us their professional opinions about Oravital.

"We have had exceptional success with this system for treating chronic periodontal and breath odour conditions."
Dr. Jim Hyland DDS Sheppard Yorkland Dental, Scarborough ON
"The Oravital System is fantastic and it works."
Danielle Hoffman RDH Dentistry in Motion, Toronto ON
"The results ... are incredible. The bleeding points are drastically reduced, and there is no odour to remark on at all."
Angie Stratton RDA Aesthetic DentaCare, Edmonton AB

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New lower prices on all oral health products + new products and combos added

We've lowered prices on all oral health products - save up to 55% now! And check out our new combos & trial packs from Oravital and SmartMouth!

New Oral Health Products

NEW No Mint, No Colour Oravital® CDLx now available!

Oravital System CDLx oral rinse is now available with no flavour or colour added. Like regular CDLx, CDLx-NF is naturally sweetened with xylitol and contains no alcohol or aspartame. Get it here!

Oravital® CDLx and CPCx now available!

Oravital System CDLx & CPCx are professional quality antimicrobial oral rinses used in Oravital® Certified dental clinics. These products are now available to the public through the Fresh Breath Clinic online store.

Oravital® Certified Clinics

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We are continually expanding our service with new Oravital® clinic locations. Please visit www.oravital.com for more details!

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