About the Fresh Breath Clinic

by Anne Bosy, RDH M.Sc M.Ed.
Oravital Inc. Senior VP & Chief Scientist
Fresh Breath Clinic Co-Founder, General Manager and Clinical Director

Current Operation - the Oravital® Clinics

The Oravital® System for treatment of oral infection, halitosis, and periodontitis is now available in multiple locations. Oravital® is based on the Fresh Breath Clinic system and is licensed to selected full-service dental clinics. Visit oravital.com for more information.

The Fresh Breath Clinic

The Fresh Breath Clinic began operation in 1993 as an assessment and treatment centre for bad breath and bad taste problems. When my Halitosis Assessment Clinic (HAC) at the University of Toronto closed in the spring of that year, many former clients were left without a clinical facility to treat their problem. The idea for the Fresh Breath Clinic was developed by myself and Dr. Julian Geller, to make available an opportunity for those individuals who had been clients at the HAC as well as to provide a clinical setting for people who were seeking oral malodour treatment.

From the fall of 1993 to February 2008, the Fresh Breath Clinic operated as a unique facility, totally devoted to the treatment of bad breath. It earned a track record of the highest calibre. The clinic was dynamic in its approach to the assessment and treatment of bad breath conditions, developing and incorporating new methods.

One of the greatest rewards of this clinical operation was the satisfaction that the assessment and treatment lead to many successes. Changes in the image and ego state of many clients were at times quite dramatic. This helped to offset some of the frustrations when, with all our skills and knowledge, we could not fully address the problems presented to us. Bad breath is at times a difficult condition to understand and to treat.

After 15 years of practice, the Fresh Breath Clinic is no longer in operation. We want to thank all those individuals who took a chance on us and came for treatment - thousands of clients from more than 30 countries. It is your information about the negative impact of bad breath on the individual and your willingness to work through our system that has helped establish the assessment and treatment that we have today.

Many of you have chosen to attend our Oravital® clinics and we thank you for showing confidence in our system. Oravital® Certified clinics provide a full range of dental services in addition to treatment of breath odours and other oral infections such as gum disease.

a healthy mouth for a healthy body

Anne Bosy, Founder of the Fresh Breath Clinic and Oravital Clinics ANNE BOSY,   RDH M.Sc. M.Ed.

In addition to receiving her Dental Hygiene diploma from the University of Toronto, Anne also completed a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Master of Education Degree and a research Master of Science Degree at the University of Toronto. Anne gained international recognition as a result of her ground-breaking research for the treatment of breath odours.


Dr. Julian Geller, co-founder of the Fresh Breath Clinic JULIAN GELLER,   DDS M.Sc.D.

Graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry and with a Diploma and Masters degree in Children's Dentistry from the University of Indiana.

Currently Dr. Geller has a practise specialising in Children's Dentistry and is a Clinical Instructor in the Children's Department of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto.