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Anne Bosy, Clinical Director of the Fresh Breath Clinic
Bad-breath clinic busts even the tough cases

Do you have the heartbreak of halitosis?

Having chronic bad breath really stinks, but Anne Bosy knows how to help. This dental hygienist has a master of science degree specializing in oral malodour.

For the most part, solving a patient's breath problem "is easy, once we condition the mouth (to remove high bacteria levels) and put them on the proper maintenance program," Bosy says.

Toronto Sun's Thane Burnett with Clinical Director Anne Bosy
Bad breath buster

Scientist Anne Bosy's job is to get to the root of mouth odour

Many adults don't brush their teeth properly or long enough

Bad breath adversely affects professional relations and social interaction. “It’s worse than leprosy,” says Anne Bosy, M.Sc., cofounder and director of the Fresh Breath Clinic in Toronto.

Fresh Breath Clinical Director Anne Bosy
Bad breath fouls up careers

Forgetting to brush your teeth, skipping breakfast or depending on coffee and donuts religiously in the morning can be more detrimental to your career than leaving your presentation notes at home.

Beating the bad breath blues

Talk about feeling “down in the mouth” unnecessarily! I have lived most of my teenage and adult life with the periodic affliction of halitosis, more commonly known as “bad breath.”

The Oral Hex

About half of us suffer from some form of bad breath and most of us don’t know we have it. So says Anne Bosy, who holds a master’s degree in oral malodour and is cofounder of the Fresh Breath Clinic in Toronto. According to Bosy, the primary culprit is anaerobic bacteria (the kind that thrives where there is no oxygen) in the mouth. And what makes sufferers susceptible to this foul bacteria?

A breath of fresh air

Now, there’s a cure for chronic mouth odour

Having sweet nothings murmured in your ear is seductive, but not if they waft on the breath of death, says 27-year old speedwriter Darja Ros. "It's the surest way to kiss off a romance. It ranks right up there with perspiration odor as a major turnoff."

Chronic bad breath changes relationships
New Toronto clinic offers sweet news for halitosis sufferers

“It’s a miracle,” says Winters, three weeks after starting her treatment [at the Fresh Breath Clinic]. “I feel free to talk to anyone, be as close as I want to and my husband and I are kissing again.”