Oravital® Professional Resources

Evidence is growing about the connection between infected oral tissues and systemic diseases, and indicates that dentists and physicians should work together for the benefit of their mutual patients. We are promoting this oral-systemic link with physicians and dentists, and indicating to physicians that those patients who are pregnant, suffer from diabetes, or are at risk of heart disease should contact their local Oravital® dental office for the treatment of oral infections in order to reduce the oral-systemic risk.

Registered Oravital® Professionals can order official Oravital® referral pads to distribute to their local physicians, indicating that they can effectively treat oral periodontal infections, halitosis, bad taste problems and tonsilloliths.

Oravital® is mandated to bring to the public attention the need for treatment of oral infections and the advantages of treatment within an Oravital® Certified dental clinic.

For more information about how Oravital® can benefit your patients and upgrade your practice, please visit the Oravital® professional website.

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